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"From this day, discrimination against gays in Greece is on the decline.

We did this to encourage other gay people to take a stand," she said after the ceremony held at sunrise on Tuesday.

In spite of the rapid growth of female employment in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, demand for female labour had been constantly outstripped by supply, leading to very high female unemployment throughout this very long period (Karamessini 2012).

Moreover, with the advent of the crisis, the gender gaps in activity and employment rates were among the highest in the EU27.

Since the beginning of the crisis, GDP has declined by 20.1% and employment by 17.5%.

The number of unemployed has increased by 3.3 times, while the unemployment rate climbed from 8.1% to 26.3% between the last quarter of 2008 and the last quarter of 2012.

However, despite offering equal marriage rights, the bill would not allow same-sex couples to adopt children.

Although homosexual practices were widely tolerated in ancient Greece, the modern nation is exceedingly hostile towards gays, he adds.According to Coin Desk's bitcoin price index, the digital currency rose to 7 earlier this week. All European countries remain potentially vulnerable to attacks from transnational terrorist organizations. Vous recevrez un email à chaque nouvelle parution d'un numéro de cette revue. This was made conditional on the implementation of an Economic Adjustment Programme (EAP) promoting fiscal consolidation through austerity, and internal devaluation through the reduction of labour costs. In May 2010 the country received financial aid from its Eurozone partners and the IMF.

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Consulate General Thessaloniki provides weekly notarial service. Periodically, Embassy Athens’ consular staff provide regular consular services in Thessaloniki. Visit the Embassy of Greece website for the most current visa information. Terrorism: Credible information indicates terrorist groups continue plotting possibly near-term attacks in Europe.

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