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Back to the top RKS is neither a sex club, swingers group, nor dating service; don't expect to see or get sex.RKS is a place to meet other kinky people, but it is up to you to be social and encourage friendship-building.Within the first three minutes, he asked her how long she had been interested in the “room topic” and whether her involvement was “active” or merely fantasy.He told her that “my wife would flip if she knew I was into it.” Noting that Stephanie's profile mentioned a daughter, Farley asked if the mother ever got to “see anything.” He also asked Stephanie what her “favorite age” was, and she answered that it was her daughter's age, ten years old.But it’s not quite the rent-a-kink fetish you might imagine.RULES FIRST: Please respect others; any type of harassment, stalking, misogynistic or aggressive behaviour will result in removal from the group.Once signed in, new guests will be given a tour of the facilities.

We will discuss and explore emotional, plot-related, and sexual kinks.For more detail on the RKS guest policy, you can read the full guest policy.Out-of-town guests may want to consult our FAQ for hotel information hotels closest to the dungeon.Although I’m pleased that 50 Shades Of Grey – that book about a millionaire misogynist and a compulsive lip biter who will do sex in exchange for helicopter rides - has busted some myths, it’s also made it impossible for one to have no kinks at all. What I’m talking about guys who actively seek out women who are on their periods, in order to have sex with them, because it turns them on – it’s their kink, their fetish. So this has officially been announced as a fetish (albeit a highly individualistic one) and we're all invited to partake (although, I can't imagine that after reading about it, thousands of women around the world gingerly removed their tampons, before spending 20 minutes mentally debating whether putting a towel on their White Company Sheets). ‘In men, such pride is a modern sort of machismo, one defined by hardcore connoisseurship — much like a chest-thumping dude-foodie who develops a taste for offal. Thus, menstrual sex is an advanced maneuver, available only to men and women with seasoned sexual palates and hangup-free psyches.’ Or to paraphrase: want to prove to the world that you’re a testosterone fuelled, 100 per cent Alpha male? She’ll probably swoon instantly at your manliness, thus making it even easier to drag her back to your cave. "To imply that a gent is somehow less decent or weaker a person if his tastes don’t extend to “loving” oral sex during menstruation is unhelpful.I'm not talking about those times you end up having sex with your boyfriend/husband/that guy you met on Tinder during your 'time of the month' because - well - you both want to and you're both adult enough not to be grossed out by it. Go down on your girlfriend when she’s on her period. If drinking claret from the furry cup doesn’t happen to be a man’s cup of tea, that doesn’t necessarily make him repressed or chauvinistic - you can be an open-minded person and still have things that simply don’t float your boat,’ agrees Alix Fox, a fetish expert and sex writer.

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If you happen to meet someone through RKS and hit it off, we're happy for you, but becoming a member makes no guarantees. Someone will show you around when you arrive and some members will introduce themselves, but others will be busy catching up with friends they haven't seen in a while— be prepared to introduce yourself or join in a conversation.

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