Again, this list is not meant to demonize or mock anyone who likes to follow these fashions.

The word “weird” is not used negatively, but in the sense that, for the vast majority of “vanilla” people, these are definitely odd. However, only the hardcore corset enthusiasts go through tight-lacing.

When Prince George was born last summer, you’ll probably remember the hours spent watching those infamous doors at the Lindo Wing or the celebrations around the world at the birth of a new heir.

Other people, such as a dear friend of mine, remember his birthday for completely different reasons – the birth of her own daughter.

I have a feeling this will all come back at me viscously when I'm 30 years old but for now, my skin is still good.

And yes, you grown-up Princess aspirers, there is still lots of content for you.

Every once in awhile, a mainstream artist comes along and wears fetish clothing for style or attention.

Taylor Swift‘s music video for ‘Bad Blood‘ is the most recent example, and in the spirit of T-Swizzle, here are 20 of the weirdest fetish fashions you’ve probably never heard of.

Ever since I could remember, I have prided myself on having flawless skin (sorry not sorry).

I was never prone to breakouts when I was a teenager and as I got older, my skin just kept it's natural glow.

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