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"People compare us naturally, because our interfaces look similar, but we are very different," he said.

"The main differences are: People think of us as a way to meet people rather than a game to play with, and people use us to meet up in real life, not just to chat and flirt." "People use us much more for dating and relationships as opposed to casual hook ups. It is accountable and transparent as it uses your social media network," Mc Leod added.

Dhankar was born in India and moved to Australia to study in 2003.

is designed specifically to help Muslims meet other Muslims.

It’s been called the ‘Muslim Tinder’ and while its interface is very similar (swipe right, swipe left), it’s also more geared towards finding love and marriage.

themselves, they’re best for ‘black millennials looking to quickly connect, chat, date, enter relationships or hookup’.

I got two or three requests when I started using this app. JAMES BENNETT: Global giant Tinder, which focuses on casual or hook up dating, says this traditionally conservative nation is its largest Asian market.

Then I felt that it is a fake app like other ones but later I realised it is good. JAMES BENNETT: The couple are part of a social and technological revolution. SUSHIL SHUKIA (translated): I think it's fine for everyone. There's also an array of home-grown start-ups targeting India's digitally savvy singles.

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Half of India's 1.3 billion people are now 25 or younger. SACHIN BHATIA, CO-FOUNDER, 'TRULY MADLY': Our audience is 18 to 34, 80 per cent of 22 to 26.

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